Gas stations defy rollback

For two instances already, the price rollback had been defied by gas stations in the city amid mounting public awareness in the fuel price trending.

Twice had the oil companies reduced prices this month, but twice also that motorists fell victims of defying gas stations. This week’s round of rollback took effect at 12:01 a.m. last Monday, August 11. But until the evening, the Petron Gasoline station along V.P. Inting Avenue has not adjustment the pump prices yet.

Also last week, fuel prices had already been announced to reduce by 12:01 on August 4, but there had been no adjustment implemented on the pump prices of the Caltex station near Plaza Rizal until noontime.

On the other hand, Bohol consumers could have benefited from higher price cut had ther been a Flying V station here, as the company implemented a 90-centavo rollback per liter of gasoline effective 12:01 a.m. last Monday. Shell, PTT, Seaoil, and Petron also cut the price of gasoline by 85 centavos per liter.

Also Monday last week, August 4, Petron implemented a rollback for gasoline at 75 centavos per liter, an increase for diesel by 35 centavos per liter, and an increase for kerosene by 25 centavos per liter.

Phoenix also implemented the same price adjustments for gasoline and diesel. Flying V still posted higher rollback at 90 centavos per liter for gasoline and increased the price of diesel by 40 centavos per liter.

While the latest round of price adjusment brought the prices of unleaded gasoline in Cebu to a range of P48-49 per liter, it brought the prices in Bohol at an average of P54 per liter. The Department of Energy reported that the year-to-date total adjustment for gasoline is already at a net decrease of P1.49 per liter and diesel at P2.60 per liter.

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  1. Linux says:

    And what the Authorities are doing about this?
    They are also equally liable for not going after these dealers.
    Jail them altogehter.
    Imagine two roll backs still they defied.

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