Drug busts stir towns

Police drug-busting teams shook up drug havens in 17 towns and the city in 21 operations done in 13 days, resulting to the arrest of 26 drug personalities, including two working for Sherwin Bautista–the “big fish” Bohol drug ring.

Of the 28 targets, two managed to escape.

Dubbed as ‘notorious’ personalities in the Bautista circle, brothers Ruben and Christopher Pecolados operating separately in Calape and Inabanga, respectively, had been caught in the last two days of the massive operations.

Christopher, also known as “Topi” was the first to fall in a raid at around 8:30 a.m. on August 1 in barangay Luyo, Inabanga conducted by the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC)/SWAT team composing the Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (PAIDSOTG) led by PSInsp. Roland Lavisto and under the supervision of PSupt. Jeffrey Caballes based on a search warrant issued by RTC-Branch 47.

Lavisto’s team recovered three sachets of suspected shabu, a digital weighting scale and some drug paraphernalia from Christopher.

At around 6:40 a.m. the following day, the police team of Calape led by PSInsp. Rolan Aliser arrested his 23-year-old brother, Ruben, in a raid in sitio Hiltopers in Barangay Sta. Cruz. Aliser’s team conducted the raid in coordination with PDEA based on a search warrant issued by Judge Sucezo Arcamo of RTC-Branch 47.

The police team confiscated five small sachets of white crystalline substance believed to be shabu, 19 small rolls of tin foil, four disposable lighters and other drug paraphernalia from Ruben.

The PNP provincial command and the municipal police teams had been rounding up the towns and Tagbilaran City on daily basis from July 19 to August 2, except July 22 and 24.

Of the 21 operations, Tagbilaran police team scored three, including the arrest of a minor who had earlier been implicated in other offenses like snatching and theft.

At around 2:30 a.m. on July 19, Task Force Tabang Silingan composed of Tagbilaran City Police Station and Cortes Police Station, led by PInsp. Gereon Item and PInsp. Niño Lawrence Ibo, were conducting a joint checkpoint along the national highway of Barangay Manga, Tagbilaran City when they intercepted the 16-year-old suspect, a resident of Poblacion, Cortes.
The police manning the checkpoint confiscated three sachets of shabu, a cellphone and cash amounting to P900 from the suspect.

It turned out that same person has previously been arrested for snatching in the city and had also been tagged as suspect in a theft incident the day before in Cortes, victimizing the municipal assessor and in fact, the police also recovered from him, a USB that belonged to the municipal assessor.

Being a minor, the suspect was turned over to the City Social Welfare and Development Office upon the presentation of his birth certificate.

Also in Tagbilaran City, at around 11:45 p.m. July 23, the city antiillegal drugs special operations task group (CAIDSOTG), in coordination with PDEA-Bohol composed of PSInp. Villacampa, Item, SPO3 Yolando Bagotchay Jr. PO3 Agosto Cesario Sumaylo, PO2 Ignacio Inojales, PO2 Richie Lovete, PO1 Prociso Paragos Jr., PO1 Bart Paredes and PO1 Maris Aldrin Gabuya arrested one Peter Jhon Dote through a buy-bust operation conducted along Ubujan Taloto road corner CPG north avenue in Ubujan District.

The 32-year-old suspect, single and a resident of Purok 4, Ubujan District, yielded four sachets of shabu granules as subject of the buy-bust, two 500-peso bills used as marked money; three more sachets containing shabu granules, an empty 9mm magazine made in Italy, two empty super .38 magazines and a motorcycle without plate number and with key.

The inventory of seized items was done in the presence of the suspect and witnesses: Zarcarias Castro–representing DOJ, a representative of the media, and two elected barangay officials–Romulo Legaspi and Junlee Barimbao.
The city police team caught in the act, another drug personality, while conducting surveillance and monitoring of all forms of illegal at around 11:00 p.m. on July 29 at Purok 4 in Bool District.

Intelligence operatives/CAIDSOTG of Tagbilaran City police station composed of Bagochay, Sumaylo, Lovete, Paragoso and PO1 Bart Paredes spotted a person idly standing at VP Inting Avenue at a corner of a private road Leading to ILAW ng Buhay Building in Bool.

The police team approached the person, and as they came closer, the latter threw something from his left front pocket and when Paredes checked it, they found out that it was a plastic case containing four sachets containing crystalline substance believed to be shabu.

Based on this, they arrested the person and when the frisked him, they recovered an improvised scoop, a blade, a disposable lighter; and a cellular phone.

The police team made an inventory of the items seized from the person right then and in the presence of the suspect and witnesses–Zacarias Castro of DOJ, DYRD’s Weli Maestrado and Bool Barangay Captain Nestor Mendez.
The law enforcers later found that the suspect was a minor and a resident of Purok 4, Bool District; and turne him over to the CSWD upon presentation of birth certificate while appropriate charges are being prepared for filing before the City Prosecutor’s Office.

The city police team also arrested a 32-year-old resident of Purok 4 in barangay Ubujan, identified as Peter John Dote, also known as “Pakang”, during a buy-bust operation in the evening of July 23. Results from the crime laboratory showed that the packs of shabu confiscated from Dote weighed 0.53 grams.
Villacampa and Item led the CAIDSOTG who conducted the buy-bust.

Aside from the sachets shabu, Dote also yielded two magazines of 9mm and super .38 ammunitions.
Dote now faces complaints on violations of RA 9165 for drug pedding, and possession of dangerous drugs before the City Prosecutor’s Office.

The city police had also filed complaints on drug peddling and illegal possession of prohibited drugs against one Allan Abanto, a resident of Poblacion 2, who was arrested during a combined buy-bust and raid at around 5:25 p.m. on July 25 at E. Jacinto St. In Poblaction II.

Seized from the suspect were eight small plastic packs containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu and the 500-peso bill used as marked money.

The police team further frisked the 42-year-old suspect and recovered seven more packs of shabu–two medium size and five more small sachets of shabu; and a cellular phone.

The crime laboratory tests on the seized items showed that the shabu from Abanto weighed 0.73 grams.
Mananquil tagged Abanto as a member of the Criminal Gang that is in the police watchlist of drug personalities in Tagbilaran City.

Abando, also known as “Pilo” had also been arrested in the past during a raid in his residence and has a pending drug case in court.

The police team conducted the inventory of seized items in the presence of Abanto Barangay Kagawads Roy Navea and Virgilio Balon of Poblacion II; Maestrado of DYRD and Castro.

Abanto was detained at the lock-up jail of Camp Dagohoy.

Also on July 25, at around 6:15 a.m., a team from the PIB and the municipal police station arrested one Benedect Gacayan inanother buy-bust operation in barangay Poblacion Vieja, Batuan.

The police team confiscated a small plastic transparent cellophane containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu and the marked money of P500 from Gacayan.

After the buy-bust, the police team proceeded to the house of Gacayan and implemented the search warrant issued by Presiding Judge Patsita Gamutan of RTC Branch 51.

Confiscated during the raid were four small transparent cellophane containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu and several drug paraphernalia from the house that Gacayan was renting.

At 3:45 p.m. on July 29 in barangay Poblacion Ibabao, Loay, Mananquil’s team and the municipal police team led by PSInsp. Andaya arrested one Jehel Corpus Olivar right in his barangay during the buy-bust operation that was followed by a raid in his house ten minutes later based on the search warrant issued by Judge Dionisio Calibo of te Regional Trial Court Branch 5.

Items confiscated from Olivar included one small sachet of shabu during the buy-bust, and two more small sachets and one medium size sachets of shabu during the raid; a sealer used for repacking shabu, tooter, improvised lighter, and other and drug paraphernalia.

The intelligence group of the police had been conducting a surveillance on Olivar for almost three months and confirmed that the 41-year-old subject has no job and managed to raise some income from peddling shabu.

During the raid, the police team recovered receipts of remittance that Olivar made to a person in Cebu in the amount of around P40,000 a week.Olivar is now detained at the lock-up jail of Camp Dagohoy while the police prepare complaints of violations of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 for sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution and transportation of dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursors and essential chemicals; possession of dangerous drugs; and possession of equipment, instrument, apparatus and other paraphernalia for dangerous drugs.

In barangay Tontonan, Loon, the municipal police team, in tandem with the 4th Regional Public Safety Company gipanguluhan led by PInsp. Dennis Lumor and in coordination with PDEA, arrested Generoso Pala in a buy-bust operation at 11:20 a.m. on July 2711:20 o’clock

Crime laboratory results showed that the packs of shabu confiscated from the 46-year-old drug personality weighed 0.09 grams. Pala sold two sachets of shabu to a poseur-buyer and yielded the marked money amounting to P500 during the buy-bust.
PO2 Lamberto Lauros Jr. Said Pala is now detained at the lock-up jail of Loon municipal police station and now faces a complaint on drug peddling before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office based on RA 9165.

In Garcia Hernandez at around 7:20 a.m. on July 20, the municipal police led by PInsp Joseph Fuertes Lopena, in coordination with PDEA-Bohol, conducted a raid in the residence of Romeo Palac Sagusay, also known as “Dukot”, 37 years old, single and a residence of sitio Luyo, barangay Manaba.

In Catigbian, at around 5:00 p.m. on July 21, the composite team from PPSC and Catigbian police station led by PSI Roland Lavisto and PInsp. Rufo Potane, respectively conducted a buy-bust operation which resulted to the arrest of one Ramil Tedio, single, 32 years old, jobless, and a resident of Bongbong, Catigbian.

Seized items included the 500-peso bill used as marked money,

On July 29, 2014 at around 10:05 p.m., the municipal police team of Guindulman led by PSInsp. Joemar Pomarejos conducted a buy-bust operation led at sitio Tro of barangay Tabajan, Guindulman which resulted to the arrest of one Wilson Anil y Bernido, 25 yrs old, single and a resident of sitio Punta in barangay Tabajan, Guindulman.
Confiscated from him were three small sachets of shabu aside from the pack of shabu that the suspect sold to the poseur-buyer and the marked money amounting to P300.

The packs of shabu reached more or less 0.16 g with estimated street value of P1,500.

In Guindulman at around 7p.m. On July 31, the joint team from Pres. Carlos P. Garcia police sation and Mananquil’s team the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) arrested one Bienvenido Cutamora, 32, and resident of Curok 6 in barangay Canmangao.
Seized from Cutamora were a small sachet of shabu and the marked money.

After selling shabu to the poseur-buyer, Cutamora run towards his sari-sari store and upon sensing the poseur buyer.
An hour later, the same police team swooped down the residence of Cutamora and implemented a search warrant against his live-in partner, Jovie Pantino, 30, and a resident of purok 6, barangay Canmangao, Pres. Carlos P. Garcia

The police seized an inside empty matchbox placed in a round Tupperware near the window screen of the store tha contains eight small packs of shabu, one matchbox, and the tupperware, a small sachet of shabu.

In Maribojoc on July 21, at around 12:50 p.m., the police team of Maribojoc composed of PSI Audie Pelayo, PO3 Maximino Macua Jr., PO3 Reynaldo Lagumbay, PO2 Jared Jamisola and PO2 Eugene Jay Morgia arrested one Michael Balagas, 35 years old, single and a resident of barangay Poblacion, Maribojoc, through buy bust operation done in front of Racho Store, the Poblacion area.

The seized items included one small pack of shabu, the marked money,

In Bilar, ar 10:30 a.m. on July 28, the municipal police composed of SPO3 Nilo Narsico–the OIC–together with PO2 Joel Llanto Remedio, PO2 Gerry Merto Tagotongan and PO2 Lord Stephen Garcia Dacullo in coordinated with the PDEA7 Bohol conducted a buy-bust operation against an illegal drugs personality at brgy Zamora, Bilar, Bohol.

At around 12 noon, one Teodulo Salig, 33 years old, single, unemployed and a resident of Sitio Maslog, Zamora, Bilar was arrested during a buy-bust where he yielded two small sachets of shabu.

At around 3:50 p.m. on July 30 in Talibon the police conducted a buy bust operation and a raid in the house of one Ferdinand Credo, 47 yrs old, who was then with cohorts–Jerom Credo Baldemero, Justine Aguhar, and Jose Ampo, all residents of barangay Poblacion, Talibon. They were all arrested.

In Ubay, police arrested Bohol one Renerio Badinas, 37, jobless and a resident of Purok 1, barangay Fatima during a buy-bust operation.

Another buy-bust operation in Ubay was conducted at around 3:30 p.m. on August 1 which resulted to the arrest of Zemboy Butlay, single and a res of barangay Los Angeles.

Seized from Butlay were three sachets, including one pack sold to the poseur-buyer.

In Dauis, the police arrested a 42-year-old fisherman identified as Roy Rivera, a resident of poruk 6 in barangay Mariveles during a buy-bust operation conducted on August 2 at purok 7 in barangay Totolan.
Seized from Rivera were one small sachet of shabu, three medium sachets containing be shabu and drug paraphernalia,cash amounting to P14,000.

A raid was also conducted in Bien Unido 4 a.m. On August 1 in Bien Unido which resulted to the arrest of Gumersinda Socias and Rosalito Paden at purok 3 in barangay Malingin.

Seized during the operation were nine sachets of shabu,and drug paraphernalia. At around 6:15 pm on July 31, the Loboc police team arrested one Ringo Balio, 25, single and a resident of barangay Alegria when caught in the possession of two small sachets of shabu while he was spotted in Poblacion Sawang.

On the other hand, police identified the two drug personalities who managed to elude arrest as one Richard Sayson and Jay Colina in separate operations in Tubigon and Loboc, respectively.

At around 9:15 p.m. on July 31, the Loboc MAIDSOTG conducted a raid in the residence of one Jay Colina in barangay Alegria.
Colina sensed the approaching police team and managed to flee.

However,the raiding team caught one Gilbert Pacatang who was hiding under the bed and who found in his possession of one sachet shabu, while two sachets of shabu and several drug paraphernalia were confiscated inside the premises.
Another foiled arrest of a drug suspect was on July 21 in barangay Panaytayun, Tubigon where the police team recovered a loose firearm and ammunitions from the subject’s house.

The suspect, Richard Sayson, managed to flee right after the buy-bust conducted at around 2 a.m. that day.
According to SPO4 Panfilo Orpano Jr., the 36-year-old drug personality realized that he was actually dealing with a police asset.

Sensing the presence of police officers, Sayson fled as fast as he could.

The police team was composed of personnel of Provincial Public Safety Company – Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT), 4th Regional Public Safety Mobile Company and the Tubigon police—led by the municipal chief of police, PSInsp. Christian Banal Torres.

Orpano, however, said that Sayson had already handed one pack of shabu to the poseur-buyer before he fled.

Even as Sayson had already fled, the police team proceeded to conduct the raid in his residence where they recovered five more packs of suspected shabu, some drug paraphernalia and a caliber .22 revolver with live ammunitions and an empty shell of caliber .45.

It was based on the search warrant issued by Executive Judge Suceso Arcamo of RTC Branch 47.
The police team also managed to recover the 500-peso bill used as marked money.

Sayson was seen with a firearm while fleeing, believed to be a caliber .45 pistol.

There are also reports that Sayson has a pending warrant of arrest for murder in Cebu and this time, three complaints are being prepared against him related to last Monday’s operation—one for illegal possession of prohibited drugs, one for drug pushing, and another for illegal possession of loose firearms.

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