Bohol’s oldest man alive; his secret: ‘simple living’

Bohol’s oldest man alive; his secret: ‘simple living’

SAN ISIDRO, Bohol – He’s certainly seen his fair share of life’s ups and downs. And Pedro L. Samuya, in an interview with a  not-so-audible voice, said he enjoys life and  is happy.

 At 106, Pedro L. Samuya of San Isidro, who was born on June 17, 1908 is the Bohol’s oldest man and oldest former government official  who ever lived.

And such rare feat in life, he was conferred with an unusual award as the “centennial man” and  oldest public official  who ever lived by the provincial government during the 160th Bohol Day on July 22, 2014.

He was born about five years after the Wright brothers in the United States piloted their first powered airplane during the regime of then US President Theodore Roosevelt.

Samuya, may not make it to the Guinness Book of Records, as he certainly is among the oldest, just younger than  the oldest male super-centenarian ever recorded in the person of Arturo Licata of Italy, who died at 112 and Alexander Imich of the US at 111.

Now, his secret of longevity is “simple living ” and his children said he has strong faith in God. He eats vegetables in his time where  there may not be so much  preservatives perhaps and no pollution and  likewise-no stress-causing activities .Just simple living.

He said he eats a lot of vegetables and probably other “lagutmon” in his surroundings or whatever  was available at that time in his younger days.

Centenarian awardee Mr. Pedro L. Samuya is among the three awardees during the celebration in their respective field of endeavors. But he is a distinction simply because of his very ripe age.The other awardees are Atty. Anos Fonacier, known as Bohol’s Father of Tourism,  who was represented by his son and Mr. Richard T. Uy in business/enterprise.

He told this writer that he served his town for ten years from 1970 to 1980, just a year after the town was created in 1969. And also the most appreciable  thing in him that local officials may   emulate is that he did not receive his salary but  instead put them in a fund for the town’s programs.

Mr. Pedro L. Samuya, whose wife had already passed away, has four children who are all successful in their respective fields and some 18 grandchildren, not counting what the tradition called “apo sa tuhod.” His son, Requillo Samuya, followed his footsteps having served as mayor of this town.

Samuya is full of smiles on his face, not only for the award as he is being surrounded by his children and grandchildren after the celebration . He is the inspiration and  by example of example  has displayed a strong   faith in God. (RVO)

PIC 1 – Mr. Pedro L. Samuya (seated) of San Isidro, Bohol, is all smile, the oldest at 106 and centennial awardee, flanked by his relatives. (RVO)


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