Cabalit insists on ABC status quo

Cabalit insists on ABC status quo

Ousted Tagbilaran Liga ng mga Barangay president Faro Cabalit called on fellow barangay captains to maintain a status quo and allow him to continue serving as the association’s head pending resolution of their dispute by the Liga National Executive Board (NEB).

Interviewed by the Chronicle yesterday, Cabalit said he is compelled by law to continue discharging his duties and functions as president of the Liga ng mga Barangay (Association of Barangay Captains or ABC) in the city.

“I can be held liable for abandoning my official functions or for dereliction of duties if I simply stand aside in favor of Cogon Barangay Captain Philipp Besas,” Cabalit explained.

He said, despite the resolution adopted by 11 of 15 barangay captains in the city to oust him, he could not relinquish the position as ABC president.

Citing reasons he already propounded during previous sessions of the Sangguniang Panlungsod where Besas already took his place at the session hall, Cabalit reiterated that the election of Besas was illegal and cannot be given recognition by the NEB since it did not follow due process or possessed the legal grounds by which he (Cabalit) can be removed as ABC head.

It may be recalled that the city ABC illegally convened last August 9, 2011 and elected Besas to replace Cabalit via a resolution while declaring all positions in the association vacant. The said meeting was carried out in the absence of Cabalit and two other barangay captains who opposed the ouster move of their 11 colleagues who are known allies of City Mayor Dan Lim.

The resolution of the 11 barangay captains cited as grounds to remove Cabalit his “actuations [that] caused widespread disenchantment among the majority of the members of the Tagbilaran City ABC Federation. This disillusionment has led to the decision to declare loss of confidence in the leadership of Cabalit….His continued stay in office will lead to demoralization and even factionalism that is detrimental to the Liga.”

Supporting the resolution were Poblacion 1 barangay chair Arlene Karaan, Manolo Blanco (Mansasa), Eleuterio Paredes (Poblacion 2), Nestor Mendez (Bool), Eutorgio Telmo Jr. (Booy), Alberto Puagang (Dao), Leda Saco (Manga), Gildardo Bustamante (San Isidro), Marcelo Epe (Tiptip), Timoteo Maglahus (Ubujan) and Besas.

Barangay captains Fredison Ingles (Dampas) and Sergio Bangalao (Cabawan) backed Cabalit while Poblacion 3 captain Odysseus Glovasa abstained in the voting.

According to Cabalit, the removal of a Liga president must be made through a written petition submitted to the NEB under the following grounds: a. Dishonesty, Oppression, Simple Misconduct in Office or Simple Neglect of Duty; b. Abuse of Authority; c. Unauthorized, unexplained and/or unreasonable absence for at least three (3) consecutive regular meetings; d. Unauthorized or unlawful use of the name of the Liga for personal gains or otherwise; e. Failure to submit the necessary reports and/or documents within the period prescribed; f. Dereliction of duty as Liga officer and/or member.

The petition must be duly signed by at least two-thirds of the members of the City ABC afterwhich the same must be reviewed and verified by the Provincial Liga Board.

Within sixty (60) days from receipt of the written petition, the Provincial Liga Board shall revierw and verify said petition for compliance with the formal and substantial requirements.

Thereafter, it shall order the respondent to file his comment thereto within 10 days from the latter’s receipt of copies of the order and the petition. After the expiration of the said period with proof or respondent’s receipt of the order and the petition, with or without the comment, the Provincial Liga Board shall immediately forward the same to the National Executive Board which will decide on the matter within 60 days and whether the respondent will be removed from office.

Cabalit said none of these procedures and requirements were followed by the 11 barangay captains.

Last Thursday, the provincial Liga has already written a formal intervention from the NEB to resolve the city ABC dispute.


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