Cabalit brands Lim a “dictator”

Beleaguered Taloto Captain Faro Cabalit did not mince words in branding City Mayor Dan Neri Lim as a “dictator”- chief executive after a display of  absolute power shown by the mayor in installing Cogon Barangay Captain Philipp “Pepot” Besas as the new City ABC president which eventually ousted the former as an ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tagbilaran City.

In a 20-minute interview over DYRD’s top rated program Tagbiliran by Night last Friday, Cabalit said that “the mayor knew that the procedures used by the 11 captains were illegal and yet he still directed them to proceed  which  move showed what kind of mayor this city has”.

Cabalit firmly believed that Lim orchestrated and masterminded the moves in ousting him by whatever illegal means the mayor could do. He just pitied the 11 city captains because they were not given the chance to decide freely as they were pressured to follow the dictates of the mayor.

During last Friday’s regular session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Cabalit was not anymore recognized by the august body as an ex-officio member because the task of being an ABC president now fell on Besas.

“I know for a fact that I will not be included in the roll call. However, I manifested to be included as present in the minutes of the session”, Cabalit said.

The former City Kagawad also disclosed that Lim approached National LIGA President Ricajudge Echiverri last December to ask for certificate of recognition for Besas.

“Echiverri himself did not grant the wish of Lim because the procedures used by the mayor in toppling me were illegal because the provisions in our constitution and by-laws were not observed and followed”, Cabalit said.

The Taloto Captain said that the procedures in toppling an ABC president were so simple because it could be done through a petition or verified complaint with 2/3 votes from the members to be submitted to the Provincial LIGA.

Cabalit believed that had the 11 city captains, under the dictate of the mayor, followed the proper procedures, these things could be done well without reaching this far.

Cabalit said that he will continue to attend further sessions as he knows that the National LIGA ng mga Barangay will not grant a certificate of confirmation for Besas. Cabalit added that the response of the National LIGA regarding his letter will come out soon which will state who really deserves to sit as an ex-officio member of the SP.

It can be recalled that City Vice Mayor Nuevas Tirol-Montes manifested over DYRD this week that she is bound to follow whatever is the decision of the National LIGA regarding the fate of Cabalit as the recognition of Besas was only a ministerial function of the SP.

Amid the outrageous actions of the mayor against Cabalit, the Taloto Captain said that he will never dare  back off even a single step as he believed that he is fighting within the legal framework.

“Information from DILG and National LIGA had confirmed that I am still the recognized City ABC President and I will stand firm on that ground unless Besas can get a certificate of confirmation from the National LIGA”, Cabalit stressed.

Meanwhile, Cabalit also disclosed that he already started his legal action in a defense against the current situation that he is in. However, he preferred not to disclose what he plans.

With regards to the salary of a City ABC President, Cabalit was sure that he will not anymore receive a salary owing to the fact that Besas was already recognized and that the accounting and finance offices of the city is under the influence of the mayor.

As some of his close friends are asking him if he is not embarrassed in attending further sessions without being recognized by the SP, Cabalit said that there is no embarrassment in doing what is right and follow legal procedures.

“Maulaw tingali ko kun pananglit si Faro Cabalit maghubo sa publiko ug magpakita sa ahong buhi” (I will only feel embarrassed if this Faro Cabalit will take off his pants and show his sex organ in public”, Cabalit said referring to the scandal of the city mayor happened last month inside Zest Air.)

“If Faro Cabalit will do that (taking off pants and show sex organ in public), I will not anymore return in Tagbilaran City because I know it’s the most embarrassing experience”, Cabalit concluded.


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