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5,223 Boholanos migrated in 6 yrs

5,223 Boholanos migrated in 6 yrs Chinese officials sign sisterhood pact Treasurer axed for fund malversation PPA bans motor riders at pier without helmet HOUSE OPPOSITION WALKS OUT

Oil deposit in Bohol

Oil deposit in Bohol RP advertising drive in 3 tourism markets Swede fund for Panglao Airport Pusher sentenced to life ;fined P.5M Exploration between Cenu ,Bohol seas PORT WORKERS DEFEND STAND ON TAKEOVER

C.Visayas :RP’s center of tourism

C.Visayas :RP’s center of tourism Arrest of fuggitive leads shabu seizure Tourism-related services trict aaccreditation TMSI asks CA to junk workers’intervention PROSECUTOR THREATENS TO RESIGN

Flashfloodsin Mayana feared

Flashfloods in Mayana feared DOT Sec.Ace Durano at reg’l tourism confab P.5-M shortage at PTO probed 2 resort padlocked PA asks CA to resolve compromise agreement CITY BIR OFFICER ORDERED ARRESTED

Court slaps P360T bail for 2 pusher

Court slaps P360T bail for 2 pusher Hold-up suspects known Soil migration active in Panglao Housing assistance for landslide victims SOARING OIL PRICE POSES THREAT

Jagna landslide alarming

Jagna landslide alarming Lim prides Tagbilaran one of RP dream cities Erosion might continue for months ;BC-RD fund drive on Po aadmits shortage of Physicians worsening POLICE NAB DRUG PUSHER

Fear grips Mayana

Fear grips Mayana Lim gets citation as public servant Daytime hold-up on board motorcab Panglao finally approves budget V-guy wants explanation on frequent brownouts MILITARY EXPOSES LACSON’S WITNESS

BIR men nabbed in entrapment

BIR men nabbed in entrapment The grass will be greener the nexxt day Land move in Mayana worsens Closure of GCCMH’s medicine dept looms;doctor shortage seen 10 DIE OF DENGUE FEVER

City steps up fight vs dengue

City steps up fight vs dengue PNP Dir.Lumibao arriving tom’row uv orders study to hike casuals pay Court junks resident move to stop building projects here “NEXT 5 MONTHS IS BURDEN TO ARROYO”