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Red menance creeping here

Red menance creeping hereNew bus rates baredTax proposed for judgesShowdown looms in light firmMayor Inting mulls measures to thwart subsversionChatto assails violent demonsCastillo proposes city control of waterworks; to regulate tricyclesNeri endorses welfare stateLabor law upsets hospital servicesFaithful to honor St. Joseph FridayDYRDs Socially Yours...

PACD boss relieved;probing team here

PACD boss relieved;probing team hereClemente cites disciplines as cure to nation’s illsHiked airline rates soughtVillamor named head;Director Motus here todayMalasarte warns against proveryPNB agency inaugurated;cold storage nearing finishSupreme Court upholds TTSRussian journalist urges end of bloody conflicts

Barrio fund mess bared

Barrio fund mess baredWhite slavery syndicate bared herePSC violations are rampantFamily Planning Radio Plays start over Station DYRDA unique gradutionU Thant challenges Asians to develop concept of unityMontemayor cites hunger, poverty as core of country’s social illsReservists set for mobilizationBIR calls on income tax filersBeldia...


QUAKE KILLS 7!Sec. Manuel stop classesTremor rocks Luzon area;REscue team dig dibris;Operations hub in tondoFM directs relief workDWC student prexy dies in car accidentSuspended police chief files anti-graft charges