Bernido hits finance brass

Bernido hits finance brass
Elorde TKO’s Ilarasak at 3rd to keep Crowd
Borlongan probe ordered; Corter rural doctor rapped
Victims clog BPH wards; jeep rams tree in Loon
Pelaez to open newsmen’s meet
Bohol mayors deplore incident; Malacanang void terms of three
Parade, mass demonstration cap provincial meet opening
NAWASA seeks funds; bills non-payment hit
Dec. 9-15 declared “Employees Week”
Borja asks employees to observe courtesy
Liquor ban imposed; resident back move
Rites usher in EEA operations in Bohol
Death rode with one who came for a package that wasn’t there, another for rice she had to share
Dajao keeps 5-week crown; new contenders up tonight

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